US OPEN | The most scandalous finale in history! Serena Wrapped up Osaka her Triumph

Naomi Osaka is the winner of US OPEN, she beat Serena williams in final

Here’s a few people waiting for you! But, the vast majority of tennis specialists and analysts gave Naomi Osaka a great estimate of progress, but in the pro-tour, the unexpected girl, no one would predict the winning of the American openness. It would be a very predictable game, but the prediction is one and the reality – the other …

Perhaps, Serena Williams is a figure whose respect for personal fans and relatives is not impeded, but neutral people are so impressive that this lady’s tennis career is so impressive. The superstar junior junior is the only one of great goals to achieve – a repetition of the great medal of Australian, Margaret Corte, and next to the Olympics. Core’s career has won most of the big slam series, winning 24 tournaments, and Serena – 23. Can you imagine how Serena Williams is so tall? “The strongest of all time” –

serena williams usopen final rocket

Novaki Osama Serena Williams (26) won the second place, 6: 2, 6: 4 in the second set and became the winner for the first time in his career. This triumph will be prominently promoted by the 20-year-old Japanese, but the main thing is that Osaka is not the first Japanese champion, but the first Asian champion to win the silver medal.

serena williams usopen final chair

The final match lasted for hours and 19 minutes, but despite the accounting and short-term, it was very tense. And that tension was not because of sports nuances, but because of human factors. Serena Williams has repeatedly violated the disciplinary discipline, for which he was punished.

It is interesting that a male referee Carlos Ramos was appointed as the arbitrator of the final match of the women’s tournament from the 5th finals of the current US Open. The rest of the finals are women. And so that Serena Williams accused Ramos of sexism and expressed his dissatisfaction with the most emotional and marginalized forms, but the first warning and sentence was due to the coach.

serena williams arguing usopen final referee

Patrick Muratoglu was confident after the match that Serena really dictated the podium: “I’m trying to say the truth, but I’m not sure if my advice or instructions came to Seran, I would say that Osaka’s coach Sasha Bauagin was no less active than me, but my referee It was the final star of the event – Carlos Ramos “.

US OPEN | The most scandalous finale in history! Serena sailed to Osaka’s triumph
If so, only Serena has been depressed by this dictation – received a warning. And then the nerves did not get tired and punished for scoring. And when the score was 4: 3, he came to the legendary American referee’s tower and told him everything he was thinking about. Williams has been punished for losing the game, after which he shouted the arbitrator, accused sexism and appealed to the main arbitrator of the United States opener, but the latter was caught by his colleague and Serena eventually was in a mixed up chaos.

Naomi Osaka was wounded and methodically watched this match. 6 Aces with Sergei, the only double mistake and the minimum of errors in error – this is a sign of stability and discipline with the sacred tactic mastery. It’s out of the way that this success is characteristic of the lights, the fact is that the new star was shining at the world tennis cabadon – 20 years old Japanese Naomi Osaka!

naomi osaka usopen winner with trophy

Here’s what Naomi said in the blitz-interview:

“I will send the money to my family, the happiness of my relatives is very important for me, now I will go and I’m not going to make this victory special, maybe I’m going to be involved in the video game and so it’s not a big deal, I do not even drink alcohol. I’m 20 years old”.

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