Vettel’s Lie and Win, Mechanical engineer under Raikkonen’s F1

Formula One Grand Prix

Story Highlights

  • Bahrain's Grand Prix Pilot Sebastian Vettel won.
  • Incident with the participation of kimi Raikkonen

Formula 1’s Bahrain Prize Ferrari Pilot Sebastian Vettel won. In the 2nd and 3rd places, the Mercedes pilots took out Walter Bottas and Luis Hemilton.

Vettel botas won 0.6999 seconds and hemilton – 6.512 seconds. The Bahrain Grand Prix was composed of 57 points, totaling 308.2 km.

German pilot won the first stage of the World Championship, so he has 50 points and is the only leader. Lewis Hamilton is second with 33 points, while Valter Botas is third with 22 points. Then comes Fernando Alonso (16) and Kimi Raikkonen (15).

The day’s pilot named French Pierre Gail, Toro Rossi Pilot, took a 4th place unexpectedly for everyone.


World Champion Lewis Hamilton: “After the start of the 9th place, it’s not too bad to finish third in the race.”

One incident occurred during the race, Raikkonen’s bolt crossed one of the mechanics who had fractures. Finite was stopped at the Pet-Stop.

“I saw the green light and went back to what is happening, I do not see it, it’s a pity that has happened, we have not finished the race and that’s bad, but unfortunately, such things happen.

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): “Before 10 years before the finish line I told the radio to control everything but it was a lie and I could not control anything!

I thought that the valter could cut me down. I tried to keep the pace as far as possible. Fortunately, the turbocharged resource was over Walter’s. ”

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