Stanley Cup to Washington, Alexander Ovechkin’s Triumph

Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Winners

Story Highlights

  • Las Vegas 3: 4 Washington
  • Final Series: Washington-Las Vegas - 4: 1
  • Play office MVP - Alexander Ovechkin (Washington)

The NHL season is over – the owner of the “Stanley Cup” became the Washington Capitals, while the Play Off’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) is his Russian Superstar, Alexander Ovechkin.

In the fifth game of the finals, held in Paradis, the legend’s debut Las Vegas hosted Washington and lost 3: 4. Barry Trotsky’s team won the final series – 4: 1. But in the first game of the series, the future champion lost.

If the season for Las Vegas was the first in the NHL, Washington won the 43rd season in the league, and the team’s team first won a prestigious title.


In the second half of the decisive match, after the victory of Washington Iakub Vrana and Ovechkin, twice before the match, the hosts managed to equalize twice. Nat Schmidt and David Peron performed. At the end of the period, Riley Smith promoted Las Vegas.

The visitor forwarded Devonte Smith-Plym to equal the score in the middle of the last period, and in three minutes Larry Elmer wins the victory and “Stanley Cup”.

32-year-old Alexander Ovechkin has 27 points in the playoffs (15 Shaiba, 12 assistants). Ovechkin is the second Russian in history to win the prestigious “Con Smoet Trophy”.

Alexander Ovechkin is the best hockey player of the playoffs

Alexander Ovechkin: “I said at the beginning of the season that we were seriously disappointed that this season would not have been possible.” Stanley Cup is ours, this is the only thing that matters. ”

  • We Are The Champions Performance by Washington Capitals

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