Warriors vs Cavs first game of the NBA final series

The NBA finals game is live and has just started

First quarter is finished between warriors vs cavs @ bay area, with score 30:29 cavs win.

There was a little incident between klay thompson and tristan thompson and after klay’s fall he went to the locker room and warriors medic’s let him to come to the basketball court again and continue to play the finals.

So lets see , everyone is waiting for the most dramatic NBA finals in its history. And as for Lebron James it is the finals for him to make another great history of him as a greatest basketball player ever.

Lebron James has 12 points and 3 assists for the first quarter of the nba finals game 1

Second quarter of the nba finals has just begun so we will inform you asap as anything important will happen.

Awesome 2nd quarter of the first half. it went pretty dramatically for both of the teams. if you had a chance to watch it live you would not be able to take even a normal breath. so that why we love this sport.

  • James looked pretty good at confidence level on the second quarter and went up on points. 
  • Steph Curry hits the buzzer beater at the end of the first half of the NBA finals first game.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

So first half is finished of the nba finals series between golden state warriors and cleveland cavaliers. As We sportzus believe this nba finals will go very dramatic so keep checking news on sportzus.com

56:56 at the end of the first half 

Cleveland cavaliers and Golden state warriors are in the finals 4 straight years , as an achievement it is great for both teams but we know that everything has an end, it was very said for boston celtcis and houston rockets that they did not pass the nba playoffs , because they played pretty well . just one arguement: both semi finals went to game 7, that says everything. when it will will end ? maybe the next season of nba ? or maybe after the next season ? Is it time for us to see any different style playing nba teams in finals ? or is this the top level of nba… FOR NOW IT IS !!!

Second half has just begun

Bad start for cavs of the 3rd quarted of the game Javale Mcgee has scored 6 consecutive points.

Klay thompson added 2 more points and immediate time out taken by Tyronn lue

Cavs number 23 Lebron James has 32 points , score is tied to 68:68  golden state warriors coach takes the time out after Lebron james nailed the three pointer and there is 5 minutes and 21 seconds left until the end of the 3rd quarter of the nba finals series game 1 @ bay area

Warriors are ahead 7 points 82:75 – Time out Cavs

At the end of the 3rd quarter warriors are up 6 points score is 84:78 – Kevin Durant 21 points Lebron James 36 points

Lets see what will happen in the final quarter of the nba finals series of the first game.

NBA finals game one 4th quarter

Kyle Korver hits the three pointer and cuts the warriors lead to one point. It is a one point game now – Time out warriors.

Lebron James 40 points mades the lay up and cavs take the one point lead 6 minutes to play

James picks up his first personal against kevin durant, the last player will hit the  free throws now.

Dramond green hits the 3 pointer , after cavs loose the ball on their offense curry hits another 3 pointer from downtown BAaAaANG .  score is warriors 100 : 94 Cavaliers

Warriors have 100 points and Cavaliers 94 . Time out Cavs.  4 minutes to play

Lebron Makes a two point game 3 minutes remaining

Kevin love hits the three 1 point game.

Cavaliers with 15 offensive rebound

Lebron james put cavs up one point with free throw coming up . and 1 baby with 46 points in the nba finals

43 seconds to play until the end of the game one

Warriors offensive foul kevin durant 2nd personal foul. james is down. refs went for review of the foul

Referee ‘s are going to change it to a block. james very upset

Game is tied 104:104 and there is 36.4 seconds left to play. Time out cavs

49 for james and cavs up by two.

Its curry lay up is good and 1. Warrios lead by one point.

4.7 seconds remaining and cavs will throw free throws. one free throw scored out of two.

Score is 107 points all at the end of the 4th quarter.

We will go over time at the first game of the NBA finals

Durant hits both free throws and warriors are up 2 points in the overtime

Klay thompson hits the corner three warriors lead by 5 points

Shaun Leavingstone 2 point cavaliers are frozen on 107 warriors are up 114. Cavs Timeout

7 point lead for warriors again almost 3 minutes remaining

Dramond assist to leavingstone 9 point game.

At least cavs scored 2 points 7 point game again

Draymond green hits a three .119 warriors and 109 cavaliers

James scores two free throws

Klay hits the three pointer from the corner

Oracle arena starts to celebrate their win seconds to go

2.6 seconds remaining and green and tristan thompson going against each other real drama players are talking to each other. score is 122:114 for warriors.

Shaun leavingston shoots the free throws cavs get the technical. He scored two of them

Its over final score is 124 Golden State Warriors vs 114 Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron James 51 points 8 reb 8 ast not enough to win the first game of the nba finals


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