Klay Thompson: Fans should not touch the family and children

Klay Thompson, a defender of “Golden State”, talked about the fans’ attitude.

“Fans can play for a basketball player, let’s consider his character, but family and children should not touch it,” said Thompson.

Thompson said in a comment after Russell Westbrook said that fans in Utah were discussing family and children of basketball players.

Westbrook said after the conflict situations during the match of the sixth match of “Utah” and “Oklahoma Thunder” playoffs:

“I was not in conflict with the fans, on the contrary, they came in conflicts with me.” In Utah, you can have a lot of disgusting and derogatory words from fans
Get it. No respect. They will discuss your family and children. It’s totally disrespectful towards the family.

We have to do it. I’m already fed up when I’m playing the parakeet, I play, and then the fans what they want. I’m against that. If I were in the street, they would not come to me and could not say anything bad about me because I did not do it with me.

It’s time to finish this situation when you can say everything you want. Especially here in Utah, “- quotes Westbruck ESPN.com.

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