Wimbledon men’s finals won’t be re-dated coz of the World Cup Final

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  • The organizers took the decision unanimously

Because that there is a chance that Wimbledon final and World Cup final date can be the same, Wimbledon management will not move the date of the final.

Traditionally, the rating of the World Cup in England, especially the decisive games, is bigger than Wimbledon. This is also about men’s final. Nevertheless, there will be no change in Wimbledon calendar. The statement was made by Richard Lewis, Director of the Tournament.

“We have not discussed this issue more than 25 seconds. Simply, we told each other – our final starts at 2 o’clock and it is not excluded that it will be completed by 4 o’clock. This is our tradition and lets not change it.

If we do differently then we start to think differently – what else can you do to finish the finals? Maybe because of athletics? Or maybe another reason to appear? “- said Lewis on an interview¬† @ Times

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