Golden State Warriors are 2018 NBA Champions

Warriors have won 2018 NBA final series 4:0 they are world champions for two times in a row. They have shown the world and u.s that their basketball playing IQ is much higher than any other team’s. GSW is a super team , they are unstopable in both offensive and defensive play. Steph Curry Kevin Durant Draymond Green Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson these five basketball player have a winning spirit , the warriors whole team has a winning spirit.

Stephen Curry was just unstopable he nailed three pointers in the game , he did good defensivly , he was good at assists…

Kevin Durant is the MVP

Kevin durant is the MVP two years in a row . KD did a great job for the team. He scored when team needed points and also as a defensive player he did awesome to protect warriors basket


Cleveland Cavaliers Ball play was not even close to warriors play. Cavs missed to many chances to score and loose the ball too often.

Lebron James did as much as he could in the nba final series but, it was not enough though. Larry Nance Jr said that Bron is doing more than enough for the team but it is surely not enough when you face Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Its true that Kyrie Irving is missed over there …

Lebron James Congratulated GSW Players Until the end of the game , there was 4 minutes left…

We all should appreciate Lebron James for what he is doing on and on the court for the basketball game for the game we love. Do you know how old is he ? 🙂

He just needs different kind of a team or teammates, hope he will be able to find a perfect soulution for his greatness this summer.


108 GSW : 85 CLE
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